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Design and assembly - process


London Sound Solutions Ltd

158 Uxbridge Road, West Ealing
W13 8SB London
GPS: 51.528308, -0.3817765

phone No.: +44 20 8207 5121
www: londonsoundsolutions.co.uk
email: info@londonsoundsolutions.co.uk

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Company's description

The process of professional soundproofing installation involves the client contacting London Sound Solutions, the market leader in soundproofing alone, to discuss a specific project. A team of specialists then arrives at site to analyse the chosen space, prepare the materials and get to work installing the sound proof walls. This is an essential component in many situations, whether to prevent noise from being heard in other rooms, or to ensure that noise generated in a recording studio, for example, is muffled and inaudible throughout the house.

Professional soundproofing

The high quality acoustic components used by London Sound Solutions, such as sound proof walls, guarantee excellent results and tailor-made solutions when it comes to soundproofing. When customers choose London Sound Solutions, they can be sure that the room to be soundproofed will be properly prepared and protected, because in addition to the thoroughness of the work, the company also takes care to keep everything tidy, protecting furniture and other items from damage. The price of this service depends on several factors, including the size of the room and the insulation system chosen.

Complete offer: Sound proof walls

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